Teymour el Derini

CEO, Team Bon Harvest

Teymour was born in Cairo, Egypt, a country whose rich agricultural history has earned it the moniker “Mother of the World.” His weekends were spent on the family farm where he developed a deep appreciation for the human connection to fresh food - not only in taste but in its smell and the feel of its weight in your hand. Teymour spent a lot of time in his grandmother's kitchen, a wonderful woman who insisted on cooking only with vegetables in season. This, he learned, was the secret to the unbeatable flavor.


This lesson stayed with Teymour, and as an adult, he helped to launch a series of successful restaurants. His main profession, however, was in financial services. Following a decade-long career in finance, Teymour decided to pursue a masters at NYU. There he was shocked to learn that roughly forty percent of American produce goes uneaten each year - up to $200 billion in waste - the majority deemed unsellable due to cosmetic oddities or minor bumps and bruises. These statistics struck Teymour deeply; discarding edible produce was not only unthinkable on principle, but it also seemed unconscionable in a country where over 40 million Americans were food insecure or lacking nutritious options. And if these were the statistics in one of the world’s leading developed countries how much waste was hiding in the global agricultural system? 


Inspired to take action, Teymour launched Bon Harvest in 2016.  As a restaurant owner, Teymour had learned of the inefficiencies and lacking transparency in the food service industry, and he knew the struggle faced by food service providers faced with wildly fluctuating markets and archaic inventory systems. As a child, Teymour had seen firsthand the struggle of farmers, and he felt a strong desire to empower farmers and share their stories. He knew that if only people could learn their stories, stories of the food that nourishes our bodies and the people who grow it, real and positive change could take hold that would help the food growers, preparers, and eaters alike. 


Favorite Vegetable: Mushrooms

William Reich

 CGO, Team Bon Harvest 

Will was born in Los Gatos, CA, but spent his formative years in Orlando, FL, and Worcester, MA. Throughout his upbringing, his parents stressed the importance of community service, so it has always been a major point of emphasis in Will’s life. In high school, Will earned four Presidential Medals of Excellence for his work with inner city elementary students, he helped out at local food banks, and was a regular volunteer for Best Buddies and the Special Olympics during and after college

Fast forward through nearly a decade of working for Bay Area technology companies, Will decided he wanted to work on something more meaningful. Through peers in his masters program, Bon Harvest came up as a company for Will to look into. Ultimately, the opportunity to work for a company that’s using technology to address one of the world’s most-pervasive problems (food waste) was too exciting to pass up. 


While he isn’t a classically trained chef—or capable of adhering to recipes, or even making the exact same thing twice — Will loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Later in life, Will’s family moved to Little Compton, RI, a tiny beach town with a vibrant and diverse collection of farms, orchards, and vineyards. There, he gained a new appreciation for how great food should taste, what its supposed to look like, and how it should make you feel. 


Will completed his undergraduate studies at Lehigh University, where he studied political science and business, was an offensive lineman on the football team, and was an editor for the local newspaper. Will is currently working towards his MBA at NYU’s Stern School of Business. 


Other interests include rescue dogs (his family has five of them), playing soccer and basketball, fiction books, and house plants. 


Favorite Vegetable: Daikon Radishes 

Daniel Zhu

CTO, Team Bon Harvest

Daniel graduated from New York University in 2018 with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. He started programming in his freshman year of college and developed a passion for coding after realizing how easy it was, or so it seemed at that time.

Originally planning to pursue a career in actuarial science, he realized before graduating that he found more fulfillment in developing innovate new projects and decided to drop everything to work in the volatile world that is the startup industry.


He first worked as a data engineer at Psonya and later joined the Bon Harvest team in December 2018.


Daniel is also an avid chess player, ranked both nationally and internationally, and can sometimes be spotted playing in Washington Square Park or at the famous Marshall Chess Club.


His favorite color is without a doubt blue, and his favorite fruit is, naturally, blueberries.


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