How It Works

How It Works - 

Bon Harvest is a free online farmers market to empower farmers and other providers of fresh food to sell all excess, inglorious and expiring food while reducing food waste.

Bon Harvest empowers all people buyers, and sellers alike. Sellers are selling food that normally would be wasted and buyers are buying fresh and delicious food at a fraction of the cost.    

What makes Bon Harvest so great is that it's easily customizable on both the buyer and seller sides of the platform. Besides its tremendous fresh produce, there are tons of other fresh foods that can be added to the platform. When you arrive at the homepage, you’ll not only find special offers and featured products but seasonal products as well! 

  • Offering a lucrative outlet to all farms, distributors, wholesalers
  • Providing a marketplace where communities and local businesses can capitalize on inexpensive food.
  • Creating a marketplace on the foundation of lessening food waste.
  • Local cities are able to provide caring solutions to their starving citizens.