Bon Harvest pledges to…


Put Food People First
We know how challenging it is to be in the food industry, because we’re in it with you. Strategic business decisions

that we make will always be with you, the farmer, the chef, and the restaurant owner in mind


Keep it Simple
As a farm or restaurant operator, we know that you have thousands of various technologies at

your disposal; so many of them are unnecessarily complex. Our technology will always be built

for ease-of-use, with the ultimate goal of saving you time and money.


Keep it Cheap
From an economics standpoint, few food industry businesses have it easy. Budgets are tight,

and profits are ever-thinning. To our farming partners: we vow to never raise your subscription price without ample notice and thorough explanation. To our food buyers: in an effort to always provide our farms with the highest produce selling potential, Bon Harvest will always be free. 


Exclude No Grower or Buyer
Our intention is to create a platform that opens up the food industry. With that in mind, we will never exclude any growers or buyers from using the platform, so long as they adhere to our community guidelines.


Display All Data
Your trust is essential to the success and strength our business. Part of earning that trust

ensuring that you will have access to all of the information you need to make better short and long-term decisions for your farm or restaurant. 


Respect Your Privacy
While our goal is to build a more-transparent food industry, we also know that many farms and restaurants already have exclusive pricing arrangements together. Bon Harvest will never

publicly display any pricing or inventory data that you wish to keep private. We’ll publish only

the information you choose to display. 


Protect Farmers From Price Bullying
We will never implement a feature or offer services that allow a food buyer—regardless of their size or financial strength—to gain a competitive position over a farmer using Bon Harvest. Your farm, your produce, your terms. 


Monitor Buyer & Seller Reviews
Integrity is inherently built into Bon Harvest’s culture, and also into how our platform operates. Doing business online makes it challenging to truly know who you’re working with. And so, our team regularly reviews information entered by our farms, and routinely ensures that our food buyers are communicating honestly about their business. If we discover dishonest, misleading,

or intentionally incomplete information, we will address it directly.

Leverage Data Responsibly
As we continue to build a better platform—and leverage your data to do so—we vow to never violate your trust by inappropriately using your data. When we do use it, we will always use data

in its aggregated, anonymized form. Without explicit permission, we will never share individually identifiable data with a third party, for any reason. Ever. 


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