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Reducing food waste in local communities by connecting merchants with consumers on our marketplace. In the United States, approximately 40% of all food produced is wasted, equating to a value of $165 - $200 billion in wasted food each year

The marketplace makes it easy for food producers, wholesalers, farmers and other wholesale food consumers to buy and sell food that would otherwise be wasted. The promise that Bon Harvest is delivering is that with a touch of a button you have access to great quality food at unbeatable prices

Who We Are


By reducing food waste, we can empower local farmers to grow more and sell what they normally couldn't.  Selling directly to local communities reduces food waste and cost of living. This also improves our impact on the environment and the lives of everyone living in it.

At Bon Harvest its simple we care, and we believe this marketplace will not only transform the lives of farmers & wholesalers but also enable people to have access to cheaper food.  

2 Choose Product

Sellers have products that normally wouldn't sell because of small blemishes or odd shapes. Buyers are selecting products for a fraction of the supermarket price. 

3 Pay & Checkout

Sellers are making money from perfectly healthy food they couldn't sell to the supermarkets. Buyers are paying for quality products straight from the farms at a fraction of the price.

4 Delivery

Products purchased on the Bon Harvest platform are available for per-scheduled pickup or delivery. This alleviates the hassle for buyers and sellers alike.

Free Demo for Buyers

If you would like a free demo please reach out by phone or email. Its very easy to sign up and be a buyer on Bon Harvest.

Its as easy as 3 steps, and it's totally free.

Don't forget to sign up, you will be missing out on all the best deals in your area. 

3 Simple Ways to Start Selling 

Here are some tips and tricks to help when signing up to be seller on Bon Harvest.

If you would like a free demo and walk through please reach out by phone or email and we can set up a time. If you would like us to build your store for free. We will ask a few questions you will receive a username and password within 24 hours. 

Its as easy as 3 steps, and it's totally free.

After you sign up than you can create your store, and in 24 hours or less we're going to verify you store and you can start selling all your wonderful produce.

Don't forget to sign up, you will be missing out on some of the most excited buyers for your produce. 

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Signing up is free! Become a member instantly and start grabbing today.

2 Choose Product

Choose your product at the price that is right for you!

3 Checkout & Pay

It's easy as it sounds!

Seller Details

Sellers are able to sell unwanted, excess, and even expiring food at the same time reducing waste.

By creating your own virtual store the market is now in the palm of your hands! You have the ability to set prices, post pictures, and weight requirements of all your products. This store is your voice to all the buyers on the platform.


Login or Signup

Signing up is easy! Apply to be a verified seller. Sign up now and receive a response in 24 hours.


Create Your Store

Come up with a catchy name to "grab" the attention of buyers.


Upload Your Products

You could have one specific product or you could have a plethora. First 10 Products are 


Sell Your Products

Sell your products at the price you want. Even set minimum weight requirements.


Get Paid...

Get green for being green!